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Ambrosien Foods Gluten Free Pizza Crust

Four years ago, chef Steve Johnson began making a pizza crust that he knew his 10 year old son would like. Now you too can enjoy Steve’s delicious, gluten free pizza crust at Modmarkets, Proto’s and Lucky Pies. Because man can’t live by bread alone, Steve explored making a gluten free pasta that didn’t taste like cardboard or fall apart when you cook it. Wha La!

Ambrosien Foods pastas are golden in color and offer exceptional taste and texture. Gone are the days cooking one meal for the family and something else for those who are gluten intolerant or Celiac. We know your whole family will love it!

Available Products

  • Parbaked Pizza Crust, 12″
  • Parbaked Pizza Crust, 16″
  • Penne Pasta, 5lb bag